The Equine Industry

Western One AgriculturalWe’ve built a 20-year relationship with the equine industry in GCC countries based on trust and reliable quality. Our customers are confident that we deliver the product that is promised, on time, every time.

We will continue to grow our business with equine facilities, bringing new, innovative ideas and products.

GreenGatesAGricultural Wash™

Adding GreenGates Agricultural Wash to our company has given us the opportunity to provide food grade safe, nontoxic economical solutions to everyday challenges that face the agricultural industry. GreenGates Agricultural Wash’s multiple uses for disinfecting throughout the operation plus wound/eye care(pink eye), fly control and odor control. Find out more.

Diatomaceous Earth

Western One Agriculture proudly supplies top- quality, food-grade Diatomaceous earth to our GCC country customers. Diatomaceous earth (DE), when used as a feed additive, can improve digestive health and give horses shinier, healthier coats.

Another benefit of this silica-rich supplement is its natural preservative quality. Its porous nature allows it to absorb moisture helping to prevent mold and rot in feed.

Forage is the Base of the Equine Diet

No horse can survive without forage and all horses must consume at least 1% but preferably at least 2% of their body weight every day. Forages come in many forms: cubed, chopped and long stemmed, which is the ideal way to feed. Horses need to chew forage for many reasons, including mental and behavioral health, dental health, increased saliva production to help prevent ulcers and most of all, excellent quality nutrition. The type of horse being fed will dictate which type of forage should be fed.  For example, a racehorse will require a forage of super high quality and high caloric density, while a Shetland pony needs a more fibrous, lower calorie forage.

Low Starch Low Sugar Forage

Western One is pleased to offer the most nutrient dense, high quality low starch and low sugar forages. Typically forages that are low in non structural carbohydrates also tend to be of low quality. Many are over mature, have been grown under stressful conditions and/or have been rained on. Forages harvested under these conditions can be low in non structural carbohydrates but also lack protein, vitamin and mineral content. Our low starch/sugar varieties of forage are clean, soft, palatable and nutritious therefor suitable for horses requiring the highest level of nutrient fortification.


Orchard Grass




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