Who We Are

Jacqueline St. John

Western One is proud to introduce Jacqueline St. John, founder/co-owner.  Jackie has been involved in the equine industry nearly her whole life and has become a critical element in the foundation of the Western One Agricultural Consulting and Sales.  Her interests of nutrition and animals led her to a career in the agricultural feed industry through her own personal experiences and self-education.   Jackie’s passion for satisfying customer’s needs and willingness to accommodate has led to the company’s adage of, “being able to measure success in knowing that things are done right”.   Jackie contributes a large part of her own accomplishments to her enthusiasm for seeing others around her succeed.   From the growers to the shipping agents, all Western One Agriculturalthe way to the consumer.

Jackie’s involvement in horses and love of other animals, along with time spent with other forage suppliers has given her the insight to be broad minded in business, creating products with an eye for the future.  Understanding the importance of being able to answer a wide variety of questions, for an even wider variety of consumers brought Jackie and  Western One to partner with other companies to thoroughly test and develop products maximizing both nutrition and value for customers.  Utilizing Holmes Laboratory expertise in forage and feed analysis has allowed Western One to educate people within the company, growers and the customers to ensure all nutritional needs are being met for each type of animal.   Derived from the inspirational support and loyalty of her customers Jackie has grown and pioneered new product lines, incorporating specialized feed products and satisfied an increasingly wide array of animal species outside of the ordinary recognized livestock.

Jim Petteys

Meet Jim Petteys, founder/co-owner of Western One Agricultural Products.  Jim brings with him the recognition of the high demand for quality forage both domestic and abroad.  Passing years of experience to Western One, he has been instrumental in developing innovative ways to produce, transport, and deliver agricultural products.  He has set the benchmark for delivering high quality forage from the Western U.S. to anywhere domestic and worldwide.

Growing up in a rural farming community in upstate New York, Jim was exposed at an early age to farming and livestock.  When he first traveled to the Western U.S. with the initiative to bring Western hay to the East coast, people thought the idea was unreasonable.  Having the notions that nothing is impossible, no project is too big, Jim used those challenges to his benefit.  Identifying that no man is all-knowing, he is always working with the leading experts in their fields to help put his ideas into motion.  Seeing the need for cotton seed throughout the country, he was the first in the industry to modify the design of rail cars to accommodate for their transport economically.  While not every undergoing has been a success, the lessons learned in the process have been invaluable to developing a strong work ethic and a determination to achieve the unattainable.

Over the last three decades Jim has witnessed and been part of the improvements not only in the transportation, but the marketing and manufacture of agricultural commodities.  His colleagues would say that he has a creative knack for thinking outside of the box to utilize different modes of transportation to get the best value for his consumers.

Jim’s most valued asset when it comes to Western One has been the support of his business peers developed from established relationships that go back generations with growers and suppliers.  Thanks to those relationships, and treasured customer loyalty around the world, Western One has been able to excel beyond their first year expectations to become an emerging force in the agricultural markets, establishing their reputation for bringing quality products to their customers worldwide for years to come.

James Scott

James Scott is the newest member of the Western One team, but he’s certainly not new to the business. A seasoned farm manager and equine critical care expert for over 35 years, James brings a deep knowledge of all aspects of running an equine business. His expertise includes breeding, foaling and care, rehabilitation and critical care nursing, and buying and selling horses in all major markets.

James is such an invaluable addition because he approaches things from the perspective of a customer. He’s managed 1,000 acre thoroughbred farms. He’s dealt with hiring and managing large numbers of staff. He’s been the one in charge of developing the marketing and the relationships. He knows how to deliver quality and satisfaction because he knows what business owners are looking for. This ability to empathize with the pain points and anticipate the needs of customers makes James a perfect complement to the existing skill set of the team, and helps us deliver the highest quality products at the highest level of service.


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